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 Other Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Other Forum Rules   Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:54 pm

Basic Resource:

1) Resources such as WoW Rips, Models, and Skins must have WORKING screenshots

WoW Rips:

1) The Rips are copyrighted to Blizzard, at no time may the ripper claim credits for Blizzards Work.

2) If the models are edited signifacantly, then they are no longer direct rips and credits can be claimed, these edits go in "Model" section.

3) The Wow rips are categorized so please know basic facts for the rip, so you can place it in the right forum.

4) All textures, animations, and the basic model are copyrights of Blizzard, please respect this.

Model Rules:

1) Models must be made or edited by YOU, at no time will we allow models that are taken from the Hive, Warcraft Unlimited... However, if written and expressed permission is given by the creator, you may upload them here. You must mension the creator however.

Skin Rules:

1) Blizzard textures are aloud but must be atleast 25% edited.

2) No skins from other sites without written and expressed permission of the author, same goes for model, if permission obtained, credits to the original creator.

3) No just colorizing the skin to make it the same color all around, put detail into it!

Map Rules:

1) These must be 100% created by you, at NO time may you upload a map from somewere else.

Other Basic Rules:

1) Requests go in the Request forum. At no time should a user be requesting resources in other forums.

2) The Gallery has pictures modified by our users, please only use the BBC codes displayed below if you put it on another website.

3) Users, please do not post unedited versions of copyrights.

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Other Forum Rules
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